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Welcome to the SEO Agency Manchester Eco System.  Here  you will learn how we currently structure our ‘search marketing’ campaigns in 2015.  The elements outlined give you an understanding of what steps we take to research, setup, implement and revise your ‘search marketing’ campaigns.  These elements are the base line but are revised to meet each individual campaign needs and any industry related changes.

PHASE 1 – Technical Analysis

In most cases Phase 1 of our SEO campaigns actually take place in pre-sales prior to contract sign-off. This element of our campaigns allow us to gain an understanding of your website and social media properties, competitors and the breadth of keywords associated with your business.  However, we continue to analyse and refine your campaign based on the ever changing aspects of online properties.

PHASE 2 – Link Building

Once our campaign begins, we launch our link building activities which take place on a daily basis. Both traditional and web 2.0 social platform link building are launched.  Whilst not as important as the sole element of SEO, link building is still an integral part of have integrated SEO strategy in 2015.

PHASE 3 – Social Media & Content Marketing

Once we have setup the link building team we then consider the social media and content marketing (written and visual) strategy. If required, we will brand your social profiles to match to website and begin writing content for your BLOG and to be distributed by your social media channels. We will also work with you to understand what “BUZZ” is around your business on a monthly basis and plan posts accordingly.

PHASE 4 – Paid Social Media & Online PR

For customers with bigger budgets our larger campaigns include paid social media advertising and Online PR.  These elements can also be added to smaller campaigns as an add-on when required by our customers.

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