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Commerce Global are looking to launch their brand new Soccer Gift Shop website, improve Google visibility and social media presence. Their site, built on Opencart had several major flaws.

199 keywords ranking on Google top 100 inside 2 months
Campaign ranking progress All Time - 1,491 position increase in 2 months
1,098 visits in 2 months. 65% coming from SEO campaign elements


Whilst reviewing the site to enable us to devise a sound SEO campaign strategy it was obvious that a number of things were wrong with the website.  Basic elements such as social media profiles not found on the site to mobile compatibility –basic fixes needed to be made to ensure the site was up to Google’s latest standards.  As further discovery took place we identified major technical issues such as the site not being recognized by search engines, page load speed was painfully slow and search functionality coupled with category inconsistency meant the site needed a technical restructuring.


With the issues identified, our Opencart developers got to work on testing scripts and functionality to identify and resolve the issuess.  As we knew that new clubs, categories, sports and products would be frequently added to the site it was decided to remove ALL failing search mechanisms and use the CLUBS as the base point for all products.  A fully functional sub-menu structure was created to help the visitor easily navigate across the website from entry point to exit without interqacting with faulty refined search links and load speeds of upto 57 seconds per page.  In addition, it was imperative that the product titles and images related to the actual product – that may sound surprising but for the first 21 days of the life of this website in a live environment their was a product title/image mis-match!  With the help of the client, this major issue was resolved to ensure that ALL products are associated with the correct club, category and sub-category.


The website is now fully functional and structurally sound.  The design and coding flaws have been eliminated and the user experience has improved 100%.  The site speed performance is spot on.  It has been optimised for SEO and within the first 2 months we have 199 keywords ranking in Google top 100 of which 36 keywords are on Google page 1 and a further 48 on Google page 2.  Inside 2 months 42.2% of our ranking keywords are on Google pages 1 or 2.  In addition, we have received over 1,000 visits to the site since the site went live.

36 Google Page 1 Rankings in 2 months

199 Google Rankings in 2 months

Over 1,000 Visits To Site In 2 months

From the client

“My website was failing to meet its objectives both operationally from a user-perspective or commercially from a strategic SEO perspective. During initial consultation the SEO Agency Manchester immediately identified the issues that were preventing my business from operating efficiently, and it was clear that they cared about the success of their client's businesses. This was a refreshing change from my previous experience of people or organisations in the industry, and since aligning my venture with the SEO Agency Manchester I now have absolute confidence that it has the best chance of success as a long-term business.” 

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