Google Penguin Update…To Update Itself Continuously

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Gary Illes was a pretty busy but very informative chap at the recent SMX event earlier this week.  In addition to the report that it is expected a Google Panda update is due to ‘drop’ within weeks we found out some very interesting but crucial news about the Penguin.

Behind the magical and mystery filled scenes at Google we have learned that development is taking place to running the Penguin update continuously.  The feeling within Google is that the Penguin update runs slowly and there is work taking place to make the update happen in real time.  At this time the update is manually refreshed and therefore webmasters will only see performance impact take place following an update.  The aim of the new development is to continuously refresh the data in real time……all of the time.

Due to the nature of the current algorithm setup it is difficult for Google to deliver this new development overnight but this is a project that is definitely gathering speed and the goal is to make the Penguin run by itself and remove the need for a manual data refresh.

What is the timeframe for this development?

As we alluded to, this is not an overnight development fix and therefore if this project comes fruition it is likely to take months rather than weeks.  Whilst webmasters can breathe a sigh of relief, they should also start preparing for this development and ensure that their SEO team or outsourced partner are delivering ethical campaigns that meet the latest Google guidelines.




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