Google Panda Update….Coming Soon


At the recent SMX Advanced event webmasters and business owners alike have been informed that it is widely expected that a Google Panda update is due for roll out.

Google’s Gary Illyes stated that the update is expected within the next 2-4 weeks.

During the discussion Illyes pointed out that this update is NOT an algorithmic change but is geared towards a data refresh.  “Nothing to worry about then?” I hear some webmasters say.  You couldn’t be further from the truth if you apply that thinking.  For websites who have continually refreshed their site and content there is a likliehood that your hard work will pay off even if your performance has suffered through previous updates.  However, it is expected that due to the data refresh a number of sites may be hit by the update.

Google have continually pointed out that it is imperative that it is in there best interest to ensure they keep this data fresh.  They have also pointed out that this is a manual refresh and not run by itself like other algorithms.

How is this data refresh update likely to play out?

  1. For websites who have worked hard to ensure quality content on their site and who have not been affected by previous Panda updates will hopefully continue to perform well
  2. For websites who have worked hard to ensure quality content on their site who have suffered at the hands of previous Panda updates will hopefully see improvements in their website standing
  3. For websites who use cheap (fix-it-quick) SEO and continue to have spammy, low-quality, duplicate and thin content throughout their site may well affect them and PENALIZE their site and see their rankings and traffic take a dive

We will keep you posted on this update as soon as we learned any more definitive news.

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